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Why we're donating 10% to charity – on every sale

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Donating 10% to charity – on every sale

Why we chose to give

When we began the long journey towards creating our own business, one of the first things on our mind was; how can we incorporate our personal values and build a business which not only adds value for our customers but also adds value to the broader community?

Our first step was to make the decision to give a portion, in this case, 10% of the proceeds from each transaction, to a charitable organisation. This decision centred around the idea that; to be able to spend money on supplements, is a luxury the vast majority of the population don’t get to enjoy.

  • “80% of humankind lives on less than $10 a day.” ("Poverty Facts And Stats — Global Issues")
  • “Around 27-28% of all children in developing countries are estimated to be underweight or stunted.” ("Poverty Facts And Stats — Global Issues")
  • In developing countries, every second pregnant woman and about 40% of preschool children are estimated to be anaemic.”( "2015 World Hunger And Poverty Facts And Statistics - World Hunger")
  • This list is just a small example of the ongoing global challenges around poverty and lack of access to essential nutrition. We looked at this and decided we had to try to contribute what we could to a solution.

    Which Charities and why

    Once we decided on what we were going to do to help, our team needed to find the right institutions. Charities we could be sure would make the best use of our customer's donations from generated every purchase. Conducting our research was a long and rigorous process, cross referencing many charities through charity watchdogs, (namely Charity Navigator and Charity Watchdog) along with online reviews and thoroughly checking each institution's financial statements. This research culminated in these three funds;

    1. Action Against Hunger – “97/100 from Charity Navigator”.  We thoroughly believed in AHA’s mission and plan. Predominantly their focus is on;  prevention, discovery, and treatment of malnourishment, Further details
    2. The Hunger Project – “91/100 from Charity Navigator”. We chose this organisation because of its small CEO compensation, as compared to other funds, along with its strategy of mobilising villagers through grassroots movements, investing in women as key agents of change and focusing on engagement with local government.  Further Details
    3. Conservational International– “96/100 from Charity Navigator.” The team thought it was vital we support an organisation that worked with communities to develop a sustainable approach to development, to ensure access to food into the future. Further details

    We chose to focus on three non-profits, to begin with, so we don’t spread our funding out too widely and reduce processing costs that the charities incur. (To further decrease processing costs donations will be collected the given at the end of every month).

    What’s the plan for the future

    We’ve got a lot more planned! Giving away 10% of our proceeds to our listed charities is just the beginning! Some of our plans we wish to implement as the business expands are;

    • A ‘round up for charity’ button on the checkout page, so you can donate even more.
    • A range of products where 100% of the proceeds will go directly to charity
    • One paid day per month where staff can give their services to a charity of their choosing
    • ‘Refer a friend’ option; where customers can refer one of their friends and in which the entirety of the money generated from that sale can go directly to one of our charities or a charity nominated by the customer or referrer

    These are just a small portion of all the ideas floating around in our minds. We plan to implement these ideas progressively and as quickly as possible and continue to build new strategies to give back.

    How you can help further  

    • Tell us what you want to see next! What ideas do you have to drive a socially responsible business model? (See below for contact details)
    • Check out Charity Navigator and Charity Watchdog to find more quality funds to support.
    • Try to implement your giving practices in your business, or workplace – it’ll be one of the most rewarding things you’ll do
    • Sign up to learn more about our mission, implementation of mentioned strategies and much more.


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