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Increasing Your Bench With Smolov Jr – Spreadsheet Included

Posted by Josh Atwell on

Some of you may have heard of one the most brutal squat routines out there, Smolov, but have you heard of its younger brother Smolov Jr? It’s a bench routine designed to have you smashing PR’s in as little as 4 weeks. Sounds good right? Well don’t get too excited yet, it not as hard as your regular Smolov routine, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy by any stretch of the word. You’ll have to push yourself, but the payoff could be worth it.

The routine

The routine has you benching 4 times a week, with a day’s break between each workout. Each week you’ll be adding 5kgs/10lbs to last week’s numbers. This provides a constant progression so you’ll always be challenging yourself through the routine. You’ll be employing a great deal of frequency, intensity and volume to garner results. This will lead to neurological efficiency – a fancy way of saying it teaches your body to use its muscles more effectively. The more you practice lifting, the more your body learns to recruit a higher percentage of muscle fibres. More muscle fibres firing means you can lift heavier, and lifting heavier provides the mechanical means to get bigger as well as stronger. Along with this you’ll have plenty of time to get your technique on point, which will again add to your total. This is especially key for RAW lifters.







Sets x Reps

6 x 6

7 x 5

8 x 4

10 x 3

Week 1

70% 1RM

75% 1RM

80% 1RM

85% 1RM

Week 2

70% +5kg

75% +5kg

80% +5kg

85% +5kg

Week 3

70% + 10kg

75% +10kg

80% +10kg

85% +10kg

Week 4




Test Max

*1kg = 2.2lbs

Spreadsheet can be downloaded HERE

Expected Results

By now you’re probably asking if I’m going to destroy my chest 4 times a week for 3 weeks and bench more often then I usually would in 3 months, what type of results can I expect. Well from my own personal experience I added 15kgs to my total after my first cycle of Smolov Jr. From my research it seems most people can expect 10 kilogram gains for their first instalment. The highest result I could find in the process of researching this post was 50lbs or about 25kgs.


It’s important that your other lifts and accessory movements take a back seat during this routine. Your main focus should be your bench and upping that. That being said throwing in some squats and upper back work won’t kill you. However I definitely wouldn’t suggest doing any exercises that would further hit the chest. It’s going to be hit hard 4 times a week for 3 weeks, it doesn’t need anything extra breaking down the muscle.

When should you use this

This routine isn’t meant to be run consistently, even if you did the results would taper off very quickly. You’re not going to double your bench in a year by following this routine week in and week out. It’s a plateau buster. Once a year is probably all I’d be doing with this. You could get away with performing it twice, once at the start of the year once at the end, but I just don’t see the second round being as successful. Only way to find out though is to test it yourself and see how your body reacts.


That concludes this week’s examination of Smolov Jr the only thing left to do now is to give it a try yourself. Let us know how much you gain in the comments section below. Can you beat a 50lbs gain? Also let us know if you use this for any of your other lagging lifts, I’m going to be trying it for standing military press at the end of the month.


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