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Workout of the week #2 (including spreadsheet)

Posted by Josh Atwell on

Destroy all opposition 

Jamie Lewis was a former record holder for both the 181lb weight class and a raw 650lb squat. That's to say the guys strong, and he knows his stuff. He brings you the book "Destroy all opposition". This book is one of my favourites on powerlifting, in the book, Jamie outlines the training of many lifting record-holders showing that there are many ways to train, with a few similarities. Most of the experienced lifters complete each movement (squat, deadlift, and bench), two times per week while they also trained 5-6 days a week. In the book, there are inspirational sections about motivation, and routines for lifters at all levels, from beginners through advanced lifters. The book has something for everyone and is written in an enjoyable and unique style. Jamie offers 2 versions of his workout, a squat specialist and a deadlift specialist routine. 

Our version of the workout 

We've put together a template of the workout you can go off, that's been slightly adapted for a more athletic movement based routine as opposed to the strict powerlifting routine offered in the images above. Instead of upper minor and lower body minor we've added in some of our favourite athletic movements that will develop your unilateral strength along with your raw power. 

Week 1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Squat     H   M    
Deadlift H       L    
Bench  L         H  
OHP   H       L  
Pull ups    L     H    
Push ups   x       x  
Chin ups x   x   x    
Athletic Upper   Medicine Ball slams Dips     Hammer  
Athletic Lower Zelcher rear lunge   Bulgarian Squat   Romanian Deadlift    


Week 1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Squat H     L      
Deadlift M     H      
Bench    M     H    
OHP L     L   H  
Pull ups    H       H  
Push ups   x     x    
Chin ups   x     x    
Athletic Upper       ropes   clap pushups  
Athletic Lower Front Lunge       Romanian Deadlift Bulgarian Squat  


Excel spreadsheet with BONUS texas method spreadsheet

If you want to see a full write up we suggest you checkout they do a complete and awesome write up the definitely is worth a read. 

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